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 The Usb Redirector, A Way To Share What You Have With Others

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PostSubject: The Usb Redirector, A Way To Share What You Have With Others   Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:45 pm

A USB Redirector is capable of connecting multiple remote USB devices to your computer over an Ethernet. The USB Redirector can help you share a USB device across a LAN, a WAN, or the Internet, allowing people in your office, your family, friends or business associates across the globe to share and use remote USB devices.

The USB Redirector is able to intercept USB port activity on a shared device and then redirect it using TCP/IP. This means that you can access your home USB devices remotely or enable others to remotely access your scanner, web-cam, printer, or any other device you抳e attached via USB.

Benefits of using the USB Redirector include:
1. The ability to share a USB port over Ethernet;
2. USBs can be plugged into virtual machines and blade servers.

The USB Redirector makes setting up virtualization process that much easier. USB Redirector is already compatible with Citrix, XenDesktop, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V. USB Redirector provides USB pass-through to guest OS running on Virtual Server. The OS will treat this USB device as a real one and you can work with it as if it were connected directly to your Virtual Machine.

The USB Redirector is a great tool for those wanting to expand their office, allowing individuals from literally all over the globe to access printers, scanners, web cams or anything else that will plug in via USB.

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The Usb Redirector, A Way To Share What You Have With Others
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