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 Frbiz.com Reported Minimum 16GB High-capacity Mobile Phone Memory Big Brand Recommended

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Frbiz.com Reported Minimum 16GB High-capacity Mobile Phone Memory Big Brand Recommended Empty
PostSubject: Frbiz.com Reported Minimum 16GB High-capacity Mobile Phone Memory Big Brand Recommended   Frbiz.com Reported Minimum 16GB High-capacity Mobile Phone Memory Big Brand Recommended EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 5:09 pm

Maybe you will be for a variety of high-capacity mobile phones scarce and distress, in fact, there are many available in the market phone itself has a large file storage space without the need for external memory card of the steps, some cell phones work space or even the capacity has reached 32GB. The following will set out the paragraphs for you have a large-capacity memory mobile phone works, they all have at least 16GB of space capacity, enough to meet the storage needs of consumers.
Maximum 32GB capacity of the Nokia N900Nokia Maemo 5 OS this year, released a new aircraft N900, the aircraft used and the same as Apple's iPhone touch interface, while the network performance of the N900 is also very strong, won the mobile gamers of all ages. Perhaps because of Google's flagship upcoming Nexus One reason for the current phone prices plummeted, Shenyang, the aircraft broke the 4,000 yuan offer, interested friends can call the merchant to obtain the aircraft for more information.As a "Internet Tablet" series of second-generation products to N810 Nokia N900 successor identities are not revealed in the continuation of the former big-screen sliding cover on the basis of modeling is also carried out for both hardware and software upgrades. Among them, the aircraft loaded with a resolution of 480x800 pixel 3.5-inch full-touch screen, built-in camera raised to 5 million pixels, and supports auto focus and dual LED flash support.
As a major part machine, Nokia N900 may be the new Maemo 5 will be equipped with mobile platform, which not only support the Texas Instruments OMAP3 architecture, and the new ARM Cortex-A8 superscalar microprocessor core OMAP 2 treatment compared with the previous devices on the ARM 11 core in performance will increase three-fold. It is worth mentioning that, Maemo 5 platform will change the past to join the network can not access mobile phone features a situation, greatly satisfy business users on the network and the demand for both calls.
In addition, the Nokia N900 will be built for the 500/600 MHz frequency of the OMAP 3430 processor, with 1GB memory, fuselage, and on this basis, supports up to 32GB capacity memory card expansion. N900 also supports GSM (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), UMTS / HSDPA (900 / 1700 / 2100 MHz) network technology, and WLAN wireless LAN functionality, provides GPS navigation, multi-tasking, networking technologies such as voice services, support.
Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB, 32GB 2 version of theApple iPhone 3GS still use the classic candy bar design of the big-screen appearance frame and the former generations are basically consistent, body measurements is still 115.5 × 62.1 × 12.3mm, the weight increase of only 2 grams, has reached 135 grams. Another Apple iPhone 3GS shell of the adoption of new paint can to a certain extent to achieve water-resistant grease, fingerprint-proof features, look stylish atmosphere. In the memory, the Apple iPhone 3GS divided into two kinds of memory, 16GB and 32GB versions.
Apple iPhone 3GS in the configuration on the use of 3 million pixel camera with auto-focus, touch-focus and auto white balance practical camera function, support for minimum support distance of 10 cm in Macro mode, in addition to be able to shoot up to 30 frames per second VGA-format video. Performance, Apple iPhone 3GS built a central processing unit of frequency up to 600MHz, while equipped with 256MB of memory, running very smoothly. But regrets that the Apple iPhone 3GS licensed version does not have WiFi capabilities, which compete with parallel imports is obviously a major flaw.Apple iPhone 3GS can be said that the software is now one of the most powerful cell phone, but also from time to time to upgrade processors in machine running speed and more smoothly. While the built-in navigation software, but the accuracy is not very high. Nevertheless, through the download and install, update the navigation software can help you solve all the needs of navigation along the route. In addition, the new compass feature can also provide you a sense of direction from getting lost.
To say to the camera may not be the strengths of Apple's iPhone 3GS, so I am afraid that will be regretted shooting landscapes. But the entertainment of the game, especially rich in resources can be said that the aircraft greatest strength. Not so much time watching movies on board, it is better would be a good game masterpiece customs clearance, so the work can not be beautiful to be the dilemma of lost somewhere along the game to go.
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Frbiz.com Reported Minimum 16GB High-capacity Mobile Phone Memory Big Brand Recommended
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