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 Flir Thermacam Ex320 Ir Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera.

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Flir Thermacam Ex320 Ir Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. Empty
PostSubject: Flir Thermacam Ex320 Ir Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera.   Flir Thermacam Ex320 Ir Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. EmptyTue Oct 25, 2011 1:41 pm

The FLIR ThermaCAM? EX320 has been built to provide the 1st ultra-portable, low cost, infrared camera with the extremely high imaging power and superior performance you are able to only get from units costing four or five times more. With a honest, built-in 320 x 240 pixel spectrum, you get four times the resolution of every IR camera in its size and affordability.

The EX320 is probably the most accurate handheld IR camera on the market today. Using the world抯 top infrared detector material, vanadium oxide, the EX320 sees temperature differences as small as 0. 08癈 and offers 76, 800 picture components in each image.

The FLIR EX320 also affords the luxurious of being rugged and ergonomic at the same time. It抯 built tough for hard work out in the field and in most weather conditions and business environments, a critical type capability. Being dust as well as splash proof, it fully meets IP54 criteria and unlike other cameras that might be 搇ab calibrated,? the EX320 won抰 seize-up for freezing cold, extreme temperatures or other harsh conditions. Its exclusive Ambient Temp Compensation (ATC) technology assures accuracy under the most challenging environmental environment conditions.

ThermaCAM抯 QuickView? software, and standard USB or possibly serial cables, allows the user to quickly download thermal images, with measurements, to a desktop or laptop computer. Document your findings simply by inserting the JPEG images into all the word processing program. Recall more than 80 calibrated thermal images aided by the camera抯 on-board memory. The EX300抯 radiometric JPEG impression format allows users to go back to any image everytime to add and push spots, measure temperatures, and perform analysis you may have missed in the particular field. With this software, the EX300 can detect trouble before they become imperative, helping in increased essential safety, reduced production downtime, and eliminated potential hazards.

Exclusive only to the EX320 are text annotation which permit you to store predefined text says with each image. Three (3) movable spots for example area maximum temperature, area minimum temperature, area average temperature difference, and a color alarm above or below a typical. It also carries one additional IEC rating of 359.

In general use, FLIR抯 built-in Laser LocatIR? projects a bright red dot on the target which enables the individual to associate the IR image using the real physical target. This greatly enhances worker safety by eliminating the tendency to "finger point" during problems in potentially risky electrical environments. There will also be Interchangeable Optics EX320 optional lenses including: Telescopic, ideal for inspecting distant targets that include overhead power lines, and Wide-Angle, which more than doubles the product quality field-of-view, for evaluating large objects from a short distance, such because roofs and electrical sections. Smart Power long existence Lithium-Ion batteries assure uninterrupted inspections and therefore the EX320 includes an alternative 2-bay battery charger and an internal battery charger. A 12 VDC car/truck charger adapter is also available.
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Flir Thermacam Ex320 Ir Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera.
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