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 Writers Block Strategy Escape, Get Out, Wherever You might be!

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Writers Block Strategy Escape, Get Out, Wherever You might be! Empty
PostSubject: Writers Block Strategy Escape, Get Out, Wherever You might be!   Writers Block Strategy Escape, Get Out, Wherever You might be! EmptyWed Oct 19, 2011 1:35 pm

That you've been keeping your fingers to grindstone and turning out reams of deathless prose when suddenly your mind goes blank or your thinking suddenly seem boring, second rate dreck or you suddenly can't work out why on earth you sent Ashley into the haunted house in the middle of the night with virtually no flashlight.
Fortunately, there is light afre the wedding of this tunnel -- and NOT a ghost or possibly an oncoming train!
Often writers get so tailored to what they're writing that they get into a rut and the poor muse (who happens to be working her creative wiles on the bone) is simply out of gas. She needs some sort of refill. Fortunately, the closest filling station can be your local mall, café or perhaps park.
The best thing can be done is grab a laptop computer and pen and walk around the block to someplace nearby and sit provided you want. It doesn't matter if there are tons of people or only ducks. it doesn't matter if it is the food court within the mall, a park seat, a table at your chosen coffee or tea put, or even the native bar. All that matters is which you got up off a behind and started transferring.
It's important not to create something to read. Normally, that's what you'll complete. Just a notebook along with pen or pencil. Or perhaps laptop. But that's the application. Get a beverage and maybe a snack and go searching you.
This is what's important -- you are unable to leave until you fill one or more page of writing. No fair writing in really big letters in order to get yourself off your hook. Regular sized writing over a regular sized piece of paper (you discover pick the color within the paper).
Now pretend you are one of many characters in your account. Let's say her brand is Sally. So now you're Sally and sitting on the table.
Here are some questions it is easy to answer in writing:
How come she there?
What can she see?
Using the girl voice, describe at least a person who's nearby.
Using the girl voice, describe the weather as well as the surroundings. You could try this by having her prepare a letter, yakking on her cell phone, writing in her diary or perhaps thinking. But whatever is going on in her mind, you ought to get down on documents.
It doesn't have to make sure you lead anywhere. You could simply put it to use as character development or background material as well as a separate short story. No matter.
What matters is which you moved. You got the vitality moving again by simply waking up and out the house. You got the blood flowing which means that your poor muse could find some much needed rest and also refill her energy. And also, best of all, you have something down on documents.
It doesn't get a lot better than that. So, the the very next time your writing is stagnating, escape, get moving and secure writing.
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Writers Block Strategy Escape, Get Out, Wherever You might be!
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