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 Unique Things about IBM LTO-4 Tape Technology.

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Unique Things about IBM LTO-4 Tape Technology. Empty
PostSubject: Unique Things about IBM LTO-4 Tape Technology.   Unique Things about IBM LTO-4 Tape Technology. EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 1:20 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->IBM LTO4 data tapes present an enormous storage capacity by means of 2: 1 compression. Because of this compression ratio, the potential of IBM LTO-4 recording cartridge is doubled during compressed form, which can be 1. 6 Terabyte plus 800GB (native). IBM LTO4 ultrium file incorporates special innovative features that slow up the human interventions for support storage operations. Therefore this saves energy of the I. T staff and triggers reduced operational costs. The IBM LTO-4 advertising cartridges require lesser physical space. IBM tests all all the LTO backup tapes and optimizes them how to provide remarkable backup solutions at an easily affordable price. Advantageous technologies added onto the IBM LTO-4 tape cartridges enable them how to withstand the increasing wants of data intensive job applications. IBM LTO-4 ultrium technology assists the feedback administrators to improve his or her overall management鈥檚 efficiency thus bringing about increased output level. Permanent secure storage of imperative data is ensured by simply IBM LTO-4 data tapes at cheapest per GB. The intelligent IBM LTO-4 format assists the organizations in compliance together with the strict information retention rules. Superior data integrity is maintained by reliable features of IBM LTO-4 strapping. IBM also manufactures the LTO-4 backup media obtaining WORM capability. Durable & exceptionally smooth base film about LTO-4 ultrium ensures maximized outcome characteristics and outstanding clockwork stability. The IBM LTO devices are specifically engineered to consider superior compatibility and substantial output characteristics in severe environmental conditions. IBM LTO-4 is a top most choice in the clients. IBM has included a memory chip while in the fourth generation LTO cartridge which in turn holds the statistical evaluation of media reading & publishing. This information helps the actual backup tape drives to try and do their assigned backup tasks quickly in the efficient manner.
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Unmatched read/write credibility of IBM LTO 4 tape ensures protection for client鈥檚 valuable data because of accidental loss and un-authorized benefit from. Data searching has become faster additionally, the performance level has further heightened with the addition of LTO-CM (cartridge memory). Advanced IBM LTO4 recording format assures fast data transferring in the steady maintained rate about 120 Mbps. loading & unloading cycles of LTO-4 media were boosted by the LTO-CM. The green colored cartridge of IBM LTO-4 helps differentiate it from the prior IBM LTO tape styles. The WORM enabled IBM LTO4 provides two-tone colored cartridge which differentiates it with the re-writable IBM LTO-4 copy tapes. IBM LTO4 storage tapes are certainly robust and highly find each other attractive that ensures protection involving user鈥檚 investments. These IBM LTO-4 advertising tapes deliver breakthrough qualities that allow storage involving voluminous information with superior a higher standard output frequency. IBM LTO4 ultrium cartridges continue to keep provide unparalleled performance and additionally efficient backup operations given that the enterprise鈥檚 infrastructure and reassurance storage needs grow. Stainless steel Particle mechanism has increased the LTO-4 tape鈥檚 memory space capacity and media robustness. IBM LTO-4 format has the capacity to deliver high out without any subsequent drop in performance amount under heavy work cycles. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Unique Things about IBM LTO-4 Tape Technology.
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